Isolation and Studies of seed mycoflora under the different varieties of green gram (V radiata L.) Wilczek


  • Madhu Prakash Srivastava Department of Botany, Maharishi University of Information Technology, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA


Vigna radiata, seed mycoflora, Adenocalymma alliaceum, fungicidal activity


Vigna radiata L. popularly known as mung bean or golden gram is an important pulse crop which is widely cultivated and consumed throughout India. Seed borne mycoflora affect the germination and vigour of seeds. Thus, due to seed borne diseases, there is a reduction in the production, resulting in failure of fulfilling the demand for mung bean seeds. In the present studies the most common fungi found to be growing on all untreated seeds were Al- Alternaria spp, As- Aspergillus spp, Cha - Chaetomium spp, Cla- Cladosporium spp, Co- Colletotrichum spp, Cu- Curvularia spp, Dre- Drechslera spp, Fu- Fusarium spp, Pe- Penicillium spp, Rhi- Rhizopus spp, and Rho- Rhizoctonia spp. The observation with seed treated with the plant extract reveals that a short treatment of 5 min to 2 h had almost no effect over the seed mycoflora. Many of the fungi grew when the seeds were treated for a short period. The inhibition of fungi growth was observed when the seeds were soaked in the plants extract for 1.30 h. The result indicated that the longer duration of seed treatments with plants extracts was effective in controlling the growth of the entire surface borne seed mycoflora. Application of plants extracts for the control of seed borne disease is method devoid of any health hazard problem. Leaf extracts of A. alliaceum showed a wide spectrum of fungicidal activity, which indicates that the active principle could possibly be an ester. Results signify the potentiality of A. alliaceum as a source of antifungal therapies and hence further work is necessary to evaluate its active principle potentiality in in vivo studies on other pathogens as this biofungicidal botanics is environmentally safe and could replace the toxic and hazardous synthetic compounds.


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Srivastava, M. P. (2020). Isolation and Studies of seed mycoflora under the different varieties of green gram (V radiata L.) Wilczek. G-Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 8(1), 1-4.

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